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Audio Video Control Systems

RADCOM offers premium A/V control options.

Have a look below and Contact a specialist to design a system that is right for you.


URC Product Lines

Please note: Each URC product line is designed for a specific customer need. In most cases, the lines are not compatible.

What is home control?

Life is good when you can control everything in your home with one touch. Listen to your favorite music all over the house, watch movies, and dim lights — all from the comfort of your couch. With URC, you can control your entertainment such as TVs, cable boxes, Blu-ray players. If you desire instant access to today’s smart home devices including lights and security systems – we do that too. And, we do it all from one simple remote or mobile app.

URC Total Control

It’s URC’s renowned Total Control® for the ultimate in whole-house, premium automation of all your entertainment, lighting, security, surveillance, shades, garage doors and more – while at home or away. Regardless of home size or number of products you wish to control, this is our most powerful smart home system that can serve your every need, both indoors and outdoors. It provides robust personalization along with one-touch access to virtually everything.

If you seek a sophisticated system that’s expandable, Total Control is the one. Start with a basic component to control items important to you, and scale as your family’s needs change – without need to replace the core components. You can add remotes, in-wall keypads and touchscreens for fixed control in any room.

Include URC or other hi-fidelity streaming music products for world-class audio control. Just bought new shades? No problem. Total Control can grow and be personalized to suit most any product you add. You’ll manage your home from anywhere in the world. Check on the kids or security system while on vacation. If you can dream it, Total Control can make it happen.

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MX Home Pro

URC MX Home Pro

If you love entertainment but also want some of today’s latest must-have features for control of lights, thermostats and security products, MX HomePro™ is for you. This elegant system takes our history in entertainment control, and then adds command of smart home devices readily available at your URC Dealer. Enjoy one-touch control of today’s popular smart home products like Sonos®, Nest, Lutron and thousands of Z-Wave-enabled products with the MX HomePro app or remote control. A scrolling bar at the top of the interface allows you to launch your favorite social media, lifestyle and device apps.

If you live in a single family home, townhouse, condo or apartment, this is a great choice. Professional installation is quick and easy. You can enjoy it in your current home – AND – take it with you if you move. With new cloud-based technology, upgrades are faster than ever.

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URC Complete Control

Choose Complete Control™ for all the fun stuff. When it comes to home entertainment control, URC practically invented it. No one does entertainment or home theater control better than we do. With a URC legendary remote or your smartphone, you’ll take complete control of every entertainment device you own such as TVs, streaming music players, Blu-ray players and more. Start with one room and expand to other rooms. With Complete Control, you’ll watch your favorite show, switch to movies or a gaming console, and listen to music around the house with a button press. Complete Control delivers the most simplified, robust home entertainment experience of any on the market.

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UCR Complete Control

RTI Products

RTI provides solutions for A/V control through portable devices and remotes via control processors.

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