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RADCOM offers a line of premium A/V and HA products.

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Product Vendors

RADCOM proudly sources equipment from the following suppliers.

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A better alternative to HDMI over IP systems

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The AC-MX44-AUHD-HDBT is a true 4x4 HDMI/HDBaseT matrix switch. This unit includes 4 HDMI inputs, and 4 HDMI/HDBaseT output blocks. These output blocks include a HDBaseT and HDMI port, these ports are mirrored, and both are active. This Matrix supports HDMI 2.0(a/b), HDCP 2.2, up to 4K video resolution, and up to 18 Gbps bandwidth. We are able to pass 18Gbps through category cable by using the new HDBaseT technology we have developed called "ICT", learn more about ICT below. This switch allows any source (Blu-ray, UHD Blu-ray, satellite receiver, game consoles, PCs, etc ... ) to be shown on any of the connected displays. This matrix equalizes and amplifies the output to ensure the HDMI signal can be transmitted through long HDMI cables without loss of quality.

Audio Delay is “On-Board” so you can manage lip-sync issue before it is a problem. Also with built in Scalers you don't have to forfeit that 4K signal just because you have a couple older displays. All that with Full EDID management allows maximum flexibility with today's wide mixture of sources and displays.

This is an ideal solution for digital entertainment centers, HDTV retail, show sites, data centers, schools, conference and training centers and more!

AVProConnect Presents a stable alternative to HDMI over IP with Cloud 9. The AC-MX9XHDL-HDBT is a unique piece of technology that allows you to take 9 inputs and distribute them to almost limitless outputs by adding or stacking additional units. Get all of the stuff you love from AV over IP and more with none of the headaches, including Matrixing Quad-View, 9-Source Multiview, Actual Instant Matrix Switching (AIMS), IR & RS232 control of the displays, and more.

Utilizing uncompressed HDBaseT Technology, this system will truly shine and give you actual lossless images on screen and perform more reliably, making it ideal for low-no maintenance setups. No network switch is required, making this solution a very quick and efficient installation option in larger AV systems. In addition, you will have access to dual, front panel, color screens to further simplify the setup process. One screen is for Source Preview and the other is used for Settings.

For control, Cloud 9 features a host of ready made 3rd party control drivers (C4, RTI, Crestron, ELAN (Coming Soon)) along with a robust API for universal implementation. Additionally, with Routable IR & RS232 you can control the displays (Power on, power off) with by using same HDBaseT CAT cable runs already in place.


This HDBaseT 70 Meter Receiver utilizes ICT technology in order to deliver 18Gbps signaling over standard category cable.

The AC-EX70-444-RNE is a Slim 70 meter HDMI via HDBaseT extender over single CAT-5e/6a/7 UTP/STP.

The AVProConnect ICT extender family is the most cost effective, state of the art and reliable single CAT HDBaseT extender on the market today and solves problems for both commercial and residential markets for distributing high bandwidth 18Gbps 4K UHD content from rack to display.

This Rx comes with IR and RS-232 control options, and is powered from the matrix.

This extender was built for 18Gbps Distribution, able to handle 4k60 (4:4:4) signals that include HDR.

The AC-EX40-444 is a revolutionary 4K60 4:4:4, HDR and 18Gbps supported HDBaseT extender over single CAT-5e/6a/7 UTP/STP.

This extender was built for 18Gbps Distribution, able to handle 4k60 (4:4:4) signals that include HDR.

The AC-EX70-444 is a revolutionary 4K60 4:4:4, HDR and 18Gbps supported HDBaseT extender over single CAT-5e/6a/7 UTP/STP.

Denon AVRX4300 9.2 Ch  4K AV Receiver

Denon AVR-X4300H IN-Command 9.2 Channel Networked Wireless Audio Video Receiver

Speakercraft BB2125 Big Bang Stereo Amp

Powerful Two Channel Amplifier • 125 Watts Per Channel RMS @ .05% THD ± 3dB • 3U High • Stable Into 2 Ohm Load • High Current Discrete Amplifier Design • Front Mounted Left and Right Channel Level Controls • Remote Power-On Switching Via Signal Sensing or 3-30V Trigger • 12V Control Output for Switching Auxiliary Devices On and Off • Pass Through Output Allows Daisy-Chaining Multiple Amplifiers • 5-Way Binding Posts


The IC 408 LCR FG is a 3-way in-ceiling speaker, part of the new 400 line, which consists of high-quality speakers at astonishingly affordable prices.

Jamo SUB 800 Subwoofer

The Jamo SUB 800 is the first in the new generation of small, powerful subwoofers. At a very small size (8x8x8"), the Jamo SUB 800 can be placed wherever dÃcor dictates. Its stunning finish and design make it a perfect partner for stylish, modern homes. Not only does the size allow greater freedom aesthetically, flexibility in placement also yields acoustic advantages. The performance of the SUB 800 is belying its small size, easily outperforming many larger subwoofers by providing deeper, cleaner performance, even at high volumes. The Jamo SUB 800 is a front firing subwoofer featuring three 6.5" drivers... one active and two passive. All drivers utilize high-stress aluminum cones for the best possible transfer of heat from inside the cabinet. The active driver in front gives the most detailed midrange response, while the side-firing passive radiators allow for good acoustic coupling to the listening room. The built-in power amplifier is capable of a stunning 800W peak, while the efficient magnet-system of the active woofer converts the energy to a powerful, clean and articulate sound.

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